Tim Minchin, superstar

Yes, there’s been a bit of a gap, which is not supposed to happen in blogs.

Talking of Tim Minchin I just read he is playing Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar at the O2 Centre this summer. So that would be well worth a ticket. I was also interested to read in a link in the same piece in the Guardian not just about Minchin’s ‘Jesus/Woody Allen’ song being cut from the Jonathan Ross show, about which he has a few things to say, but also what Tim Rice has to say about Andrew Lloyd Webber’s insistence on casting the role of Jesus through reality TV.

As Rice says it’s not as if the show needs the publicity. What’s with this reality TV casting anyway? Is ours not a profession, for professional actors, who can not just perform a song but several songs over a lengthy show several times a week over weeks or months or even years?  It cheapens the profession and patronises the punter, in my humble opinion. And it’s had its day, like Big Brother.

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