Ibsen updated

The Wild Duck updated to contemporary times? With Aussie accents? Believable? Yes.

I don’t know the original though I realise Sydney’s Belvoir Street production, playing for ten days here at the Barbican in London, is stripped down to its basics. It’s a melodramatic piece, being Ibsen, and it contains a death – not, thankfully, of the duck – and in its modern context it makes perfect sense.

Wild Duck

Set in a glass box, partly presumably to keep the (live) duck from wandering into the audience, and partly to accentuate the claustrophobia of families with secrets, the play is set in an unspecified country and place – there is talk of ‘the city’ being a five hour train ride away – but the names are the original Norwegian, all of which add a sense of heightened and unsettling reality. The performances, particularly from Brendan Cowell as the likeable but distraught father, are excellent, the finale is intensely moving. My only quibble is the lengthy scene changes, particularly at the beginning (in order presumably to enable the actors to negotiate the blackouts), and the head mikes. If they have to amplify the voices do they have to make it so obvious?

Brendan Cowell (smh.com.au)

Brendan Cowell (smh.com.au)

Otherwise, a stunning piece of work. More please.

PS The duck is a star. It opens the play alone on stage and waddles towards the audience to give us a beady eye, before fluttering its wings. Such self possession. It got a round of applause, and quite rightly.

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