London in Tier 2 lockdown

Wow, the rules change every minute. Tier 2 lockdown means we can only socialise with one other household in our ‘bubble’, and as far as I can tell we are allowed one bubble only.

However, the THEATRE goes on. I have so far come across THREE very different productions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL opening in the next month or so.

THE BRIDGE THEATRE is presenting a three-person version of the story devised and directed by Nicholas Hytner and featuring Simon Russell Beale, Patsy Ferran and Eben Figueiredo. It runs from 27 November to 16 January. Bookings open 20 October.

THE OLD VIC’s version is part of their ‘In camera’ season, which means it will be performed in an empty theatre and streamed live all over the world. This is Matthew Warchus’ ‘big-hearted, smash hit production of Charles Dickens’ immortal classic’ adapted by Jack Thorne. Bookings open in November.

THE DOMINION THEATRE is presenting ‘a socially distanced production of Alan Menken, Lynn Ahrens and Mike Ockrent’s A Christmas Carol musical’ from the beginning of December 2020, with Brian Connelly as Scrooge. ‘The production will feature a symphonic 24 piece orchestra and an all-star West End cast, with over 50 artists set to be on stage.’ It sounds ambitious, though I’m not sure what a ‘symphonic 24 piece orchestra is’. Tkts from £33.75.

It seems that theatres will keep running as long as they are able to, even if London goes into a fiercer lockdown. Light on the horizon perhaps.

Patsy Trench
October 2020


4 thoughts on “London in Tier 2 lockdown

  1. Have been to London Theatre before- back on July 30th, 2015, I saw Les Mis in the West End.

    Over here- theatre is kinda of struggling. I do know that small theaters are slowly opening up. Just- don’t think I am watching any more theater shows this year. What I do more than over is for Blumenthal to open up its two biggest theaters. Here is what I do love seeing- Blumenthal is working with other NC theaters to figure out how to open theater again.

    Kinda of hard not to get too jealous of the UK right now.

  2. While we’re not doing at all well with Covid cases in London at the moment the arts have had a cash injection from the government, which is partly why they are able to open up with socially distanced audiences. Actors haven’t fared so well from that however as it’s aimed at buildings only. Fringe theatres don’t seem to be opening up yet. It remains to be seen how it all works! It’s a lot of organisation and work on the part of the theatres themselves, with hand sanitisers and monitoring of audiences and one way systems and staggered arrival times. Phew. Won’t it be wonderful to be back to normal one day?

    • It would be- usually, I tend to see two to four musicals per year. Three musicals got postponed- Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked. In this case, Wicked wasn’t a major disappoint due to already seeing it four times- it is a musical that always goes back to Blumenthal. Blumenthal is doing what they can to keep performing arts alive- it supports a number of them.

      Just to get bigger things like musicals, you need Belk and Ovens to open

  3. Presumably the musicals will resume once they’re allowed to. It remains to be seen what shows emerge once theatres are allowed to operate normally, whenever that turns out to be!

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