For two years in a row I’ve created an intersession London Theatre study abroad program with Patsy for SUNY New Paltz. It has truly been an incredible experience. With Patsy’s help I was able to craft an itinerary that combined theatre with British culture, history and arts. Our students were able to immerse themselves in London culture in such a short time because of Patsy’s on-the-ground knowledge, connections and personal investment in their education. Not only did she spend months working with me on the programming and budgeting, but while we were in London she assisted with accommodations, helped answer student questions, and was present as an ally and support. I can honestly say that the program wouldn’t be as in-depth and rich if Patsy hadn’t been a part of it.

Andrea Varga, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts, State University of New York at New Paltz

It was a marvellously well-planned trip and the students were very happy with the balance between planned events and free time. I really liked the variety of the events and how the succession of events was so brilliantly laid out. You are such a delight to work with and to have around. Your information at our classes was so helpful and your directions to our destinations were also very clear and helpful.

Nancy Saklad, Professor Theatre Arts, SUNY New Paltz

Thank you so much for everything you have done to make this such a fabulous trip! I fell in love with your fabulous city and hope to come back.

Rena Leinberger, Lecturer, Department of Art, SUNY New Paltz

I feel I have had an unforgettable first encounter with London and would come back in a heartbeat… This was the greatest trip I’ve ever been on. I’ll never forget it! … Thank you so much for being an incredible tour guide! You made us feel right at home … The Shakespeare walk was one of my top things that we did. It was fun, informative and Patsy is just wonderful … The trip was fantastic, fun and educational. Thank you for an impeccably planned and executed trip, Patsy!

SUNY New Paltz students, January 2013

She has a wonderful ability to engage and involve students in learning about theatre. Theatre is obviously a passion which she enjoys sharing with the students, and they respond enthusiastically to her.

Dr Philip Woods, Academic Advisor at the Study Abroad Office, Kingston University

SUNY Fredonia has been taking students and community members to London since 1994. In the early years we used miscellaneous travel agents to organize our trips. But after countless disappointments, we contacted our colleagues at SUNY New Paltz to find out how they managed to run their very successful theater program year after year. The answer was ‘we hired Patsy Trench’. The following year we hired Patsy too, and since then our program evaluations are chock full with accolades and positive feedback. Now, we consult with Patsy about every aspect of the program: play selection, airport transfers, hotel reservations, Blue Guide services, excursions, restaurants, lecture space, etc. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to run a travel course in London without her invaluable advice and reasonably priced assistance.

Mary Sasso, Director of the International Education Center, State University of New York at Fredonia