Small groups

If you are travelling as part of a small group then I still may be able to help you in an affordable way. Please contact me if you are looking for help with any of the following:

  • Recommendations of shows to see and/or organising tickets.
  • Recommendations and/or booking excursions or visits to other sites in London or elsewhere in the UK.
  • My good self to accompany you around London.
  • A custom-made theatre-related walking tour.
  • Help or advice with travel arrangements within the UK.
  • Booking airport transfers.
  • Anything else.

I cannot pretend to be an expert on booking accommodation but I am perfectly willing to help you with this if you’d like me to. If you are looking for a hotel please specify what grade (ie how many stars) and a preferred location, if you have one, and I will personally vet the rooms before booking!

I can also lend you a mobile phone (not a smart one) for your use while you are here.

London bus wikipedia

London double-decker (Wikipedia)

When you know what you are looking for please get in touch with your requirements and I will give you a rough quote:


Be aware that the tickets and accommodation I book on your behalf are charged at face value. My costs are added separately and are calculated according to the time I take making arrangements (I am very quick), plus however long you desire my physical presence on any of your tours (if at all). This way everything is transparent and we know exactly what we are dealing with.

2 thoughts on “Small groups

  1. Dear Patsy, Do you have a sample itinerary (with costs) for either two or four people (couples from California). We’ve all been to London several times but were part of a cancelled trip from May 2-10, 2015 which included 4 London shows, one outside town at a small theater with a manor home tour and dinner, a talk by a British political expert and … We were to stay at the Cavendish hotel. Some dinners were planned. We are interested in a visit to Highclere Castle and possibly some classical music as well as a major art exhibit and a walking tour of some kind. We have plane tickets.
    ps We all are frequent theater and classical concert goers in Los Angeles.

    Joyce, Richard, Sheila & David

    • Joyce – I only just came upon your query and it took me a moment to realise you sent it a year ago. I can’t remember responding to it (or even seeing it before), in which case I do apologise. Let me know if there is anything more I can help you with. I have not yet organised a tour for four people but that doesn’t mean I can’t!

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