Theatre Tours

‘Truly an incredible experience. With Patsy’s help I was able to craft an itinerary that combined theatre with British culture, history and arts. I can honestly say that the program wouldn’t be as in-depth and rich if Patsy hadn’t been a part of it.’

– Andrea Varga, Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts,
State University of New York at New Paltz

Globe (5)

Students on stage at the Globe, January 2018

What can I do for you?

I have been organising bespoke London theatre tours and visits for around twenty years. Past and present clients include American universities SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Fredonia and the Rabat American School in Morocco.

I custom-build your theatre package to suit your required focus. The package can include theatre visits, backstage talks and tours, classes, workshops, discussions, walking tours, and other cultural events. I can lecture on specific theatrical topics (see About Me and Teaching for my teaching experience).

  • If the purpose of your tour is primarily entertainment, then I would suggest a mix of West End musicals and revivals in the West End and the National Theatre.
  • If your interest is in how the theatre works then you might want to go for backstage tours and talks from actors, directors, designers or writers.
  • If your focus is on education then I would suggest a combination of shows, workshops, talks and walking tours of theatrically significant parts of London.
  • If you want a mixture of theatre and other cultural events, such as concerts, dance, art shows, museums etc; or you just want to see the less obvious parts of London then that’s fine by me. I am happy to research other options.

You tell me and I will do it! If you are unsure of your requirements, then please contact me and we can talk through the options.

‘We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to run a travel course in London without her invaluable advice and reasonably priced assistance.’

– Mary Sasso, Director at the International Education Center,
State University of New York at Fredonia

Workshop with Frantic Assembly

Workshop with Frantic Assembly, January 2015

I can also offer you a guided tour of Shakespeare’s London from the City to the South Bank. Starting at St Paul’s Cathedral (not the one what was there in Shakespeare’s time) we walk through the quiet streets of Blackfriars, past the site of the only house Shakespeare ever owned in London, the Wardrobe where the monarchs of England kept their ceremonial robes, the site of the Blackfriars Priory, where Henry VIII divorced Katherine of Aragon and where the only theatre in the City in the 16th/17th century was situated. Then over the bridge to Bankside, home of low entertainment such as bear-baiting, prostitution and theatre. For more on this please take a look at my blog.



For a recent theatre trip I organised please click here

Why can’t we do this ourselves?

You can. However:

  • I can save you time. Finding and booking shows and events, and organising itineraries in an unfamiliar location is time-consuming. Waiting for someone to answer a phone call these days can take all morning.
  • I can save you money. Booking theatre tickets online can be tricky (see my blog  for important information about buying tickets), and if you’re not wary you could pay way over the odds.  I will get you the cheapest and most reliable deals, however many phone calls it takes. Not all ticket outlets are the same.
  • I can advise you and suggests shows, excursions and other events based on my local knowledge. Since London is my home town I can also direct you from one place to another, and help you plan your schedule so you get to do as much as you want to do in as efficient a manner as possible.
  • I am more than just a theatre booker, in fact it gives me the greatest pleasure, once we’ve decided what shows you want to see, to come up with suggestions for linked events, such as a visit to the Museum of London for an overview of London’s history, or a street art tour of east London to give you a glimpse of  contemporary urban London from another perspective.
  • I know people in the business, and through my connections I can bring actors, directors, writers and designers from the shows you see to give talks or hold workshops for your group.
  • Nothing is too much trouble. (I mean that!) If things go wrong I am there on the spot to sort them out and on the end of a phone at all times.

If you have any queries please contact me