9 September 2020

Coronavirus update

London’s theatres have been closed ever since lockdown in March 2020. At the time of writing one or two are opening up again, albeit with social distancing, which means their capacity is reduced to around a third. As time goes on, fingers crossed, more and more will be opening their doors, but theatre doesn’t work with social distancing, either financially or dramatically. So far the government has made no move towards allowing theatres to open without social distancing, so the West End in particular is in sleep mode.

It is a difficult time for everyone involved in the performing arts, and especially for the actors, technicians, directors, writers, producers, designers, front of house staff and all others working in the theatre business, most of whom are freelance. 

Meanwhile some theatres and theatre companies have been live streaming productions from their archives (including the National Theatre, the RSC and the Globe), and others such as the Old Vic have been producing plays performed live in an empty theatre, and bookable to watch at home on Zoom. (See my blog for updates.) I am trying to keep tabs on what’s available day by day and I’m posting my findings on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/patsy.trench. If you do watch any of these amazing shows it would be hugely appreciated if you could make a donation to help actors, singers, musicians and dancers at ACTING FOR OTHERS: http://actingforothers.co.uk/


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Shaftesbury Avenue

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My name is Patsy Trench, former actress, scriptwriter, lyricist and children’s theatre director, now a teacher and lecturer in theatre and an experienced organiser of theatre visits to London for over twenty years.

My job is to tailor theatre tours to your specific needs, combining the best of London theatre with high-quality service and knowledge, and a personal touch that you will not find with other theatre tour organisers.

My speciality is London theatre tours but I can organise any kind of cultural visit you like, including music, art or museums. Whether you are travelling in large student groups or as individuals or smaller groups, I can help you.

SUNY students on the Globe stage

SUNY students on stage at the Globe

I can also organise meetings with theatre people, workshops, backstage tours and visits to sites of theatrical or historical interest.

Above all I offer a friendly, personal service, tailored to your specific needs.

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Workshop with students and Paul Hunter from Told by an idiot

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